The Forgotten The Movie
The Forgotten The Movie

Korean War Discussion Forums

Korean War Project:Comprehensive site regarding the Korean war, that includes message boards (the call them "BBS" sections) broken down by different military divisions. In addition to the boards, the site has a variety of good information and links. message board that covers a variety of topics regarding the Korean war. Plus, you can add new topics of your own, if you have a subject you think may be of interest to others.

WWII in Color:Although this board is centered around World War II, there is an entire section on the Korean War. A good place to visit not only for that, but for other related topics that may be worthwhile.

Arm Chair General:Broad military-based forum with a section dedicated to the Korean War. Another message board that can you give you specific discussion platforms, as weel as some more general subjects. resource for finding people with whom you or a friend or relative may have lost touch. Although it's a large site, there is a section dedicated solely to researching people from the Korean War.

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