The Forgotten The Movie
The Forgotten The Movie

War Veteran Resources

Korean War Veterans Association
Their stated mission is to: Defend our Nation, Care for our Veterans, Perpuate our Legacy, Remember our Missing and Fallen, Maintain our Memorial, and Support a free Korea. This is a large site with a vast amount of information and features, including links to hundreds of local chapters.

Korean War Ex-POW Association
Comprised of Ex-Prisoners of War from the Korean War, their spouses, surviving spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings, other relations and friends. Includes reunion schedules and other networking resources, information about possible pay owed to vets, and more.

Korean War Project
Clearinghouse of Web sites and other Korean War and Veteran-related information. Includes links to all military divisions, bulletin boards, letters of remembrance, and more.

Locating Korean War Veterans
Advice on how to use genealogy and other techniques to locate people from the Korean War, such as buddies who served together in the military.

Veterans Alumni Association
Offers various ways to help locate veterans from many ways, including the Korean War. Has some good networking and sharing resources.

Center for the Study of the Korean War
Nationally recognized as the definitive Korean War archive. Specializing in preservation and documentation, providing primary-source information as well as current research topics for today's military leaders, scholars, students, and the general public. Currently the Center collection and library contains more that 1600 linear feet of documents, thousands of war and war area photographs, books, maps, letters, diaries, journals, military orders, videos, DVDs, films and many other items.

Additional Veterans Resources
More resources for Korean War Veterans and other military veterans.

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